Stake it!

Clarkinelli Foundation Main Wallets

Currently all main Wallets are handled through coin payments except for the Tron TRX wallet.   This wallet originated on TronScan and that is where it resides today.

Thanks to CoinPayments we can accept over 1250 types of crypto currency.  However blockchain companies that utilize Staking for holders like Tron/TRX, we handle those as to enable the best return on our investment.

Using Tron as an example we Stake the Foundation TRX on a wallet created on

By freezing our TRX on the network for 3 days we have the power to vote for the validators/Super Representatives(SRs).

Once our foundation is large enough we hope to spread out votes among all the SR who have helped grow the network and reward TRX holding with there own tokens or TRX.

How to Donate to this Project

1. Enter Amount & Click ‘Add Donation’
2. After clicking ‘Add Donation’ select this project on the dropdown field on the next page
Or Donate to the Wallet Addresses Directly on Here
Donations here will go to Clarkinelli Foundation Wallet
Donate with Tron TRX